Easy and painless dog DNA cheek swab kit for olny a $10 donation (kit only, lab testing not included)

If you would like a kit sent to you, just paypal $10 as a donation to Rustic Rover Rescue and as a gift we can send this wonderful gift of knowledge. 

If you would like a free kit with your $10 donation, please include your address and a request for a kit. 

Your $10 will include your postage/handling. 

Kuranda Shelter dog beds 

A shelter/Bed is a life changing gift.Kuranda shelter neds are made in the USA and are specifically designed to resist chewing and digging. There beds provide essential comfort to our pets- helping them fall asleep better, reducing stress behaviorsand increases their chances for adoption. Best of all , the beds are easy to clean. That means less time cleaning kennels, less time in the laundry room and more time walking and playing. To donate a bed, visit  https://shelterbeds.org/index.php?route=events/events_view&event_id=393181&akey=393181


No matter where (city/State) you adopted, YOU can save over $550 on everything you need for your new best friend.

Simply bring your adoption papers from Rustic Rover Rescue & Lodge Inc. to a staff member and they will provide you all the service you will need to get you started on the right right and or paw. 

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Wish List


  • Dog Treats/ Bully Sticks/ Cal

  • Calming Treats/Calming Collars

  • Puppy food (with DHA preferred)

  •  Dog Toys / Kongs

  • Plastic Spoons

  • Peanut Butter

  • Pheromone Plug-Ins and Sprays

  • Leashes (no retractable please ) 

  • Large /Medium size foldable Dog Crates

  • Portable heavy duty puppy pens

  • Martingale Collars

  • Dog Harnesses

  • Laundry Detergent (for front loaders)

  • Dawn Dish Soap

  • Plastic Grocery Bags/Large garage bags

  • Latex Gloves

  • Thundershirts

  • 8' Cow Panels with built-in fencing (Need 8)

  • baby monitors

  • Amazon Gift Cards